About Us

Ring of Color

Ring of Color is a beauty and lifestyle brand that blossomed from the mind of our founder, Melissa Polanco, who believes “in the power of color, how it makes us feel, and what it can represent of you.” Ring of Color is all about Y-O-U and what you represent within the circle of our beauty community! With every lipstick made and eyeshadow packed, we constantly have you, our beauty babe, in mind. Our products aren’t just made to make you look good, but they’re made to help you feel good too. When you slap on our fiery red lipstick, we hope it gives you the confidence to take on the world! Our goal is to help you embrace and highlight the gorgeous features you already have, and provide you with a new sense of confidence, beauty, and fire.

If we had to describe Ring of Color in 3 words, we’d choose: Inclusive, Affordable, and Love.

On Inclusivity – Our range of products was designed to suit every wearer! Our products are for anyone who desires them, regardless of age, sexual orientation/preference, race, culture, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status, skin tone, texture, you name it! Not only will this be reflected in our messaging, but in our imagery, and every aspect of the brand that we can fit it into.

On Affordability – In order to reach the “every wearer” we must meet you at where you are. We are keeping the costs as low as possible for our products so that you have the best chance of being able to afford them.

On Love – Each of our products is made with love and designed to spread love. Each time you use Ring of Color we hope you love yourself a little bit more