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Ring of Color - An Inclusive Beauty & Lifestyle Brand

Hey beauties!

I hope this message finds you well, as I'm happy to announce the advancement of what you previously knew as Ella's Eve Cosmetics. Through months of hard work and feedback from our community, I present to you Ring of Color- A world of beauty for everyone.

When I created Ella's Eve Cosmetics, my ambitions were to disrupt the beauty world with an inclusive brand that welcomes all. When my brand's message didn't represent my motive as a business owner, I decided to revamp Ella's Eve Cosmetics and demonstrate the brand's ability to evolve in ways that will benefit you.

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Diversity, inclusivity, and beauty are what Ring of Color is all about. I wasn't going to allow a lack of representation within my brand to tarnish the foundation I had built. Ring of Color is meant to coincide with everyone's different tastes and preferences regarding makeup.

With so many cosmetic brands out there, Ring of Color ensures you have a variety to choose from. Multiple renovated lip products and hip new merchandise retailing for an affordable price came to mind during the recreation of my brand.

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Ring of Color's products are high quality and cruelty-free!

As we continuously shapeshift into a different era of cosmetics, Ring of Color reminds us all that makeup is meant to enhance one's features, never change them. We must live an unapologetic life where we can flourish in authenticity and grow as human beings.

I'm proud to say I love you all and hope you accompany Ring of Color on its journey to success!

Shop the newest Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick collection, and don't forget to check out our Vinyl Lip Lacquer wear. Don't be afraid to shed your old skin and try something new once in a while. After all, we're constantly trying to become the better version of ourselves.


Until the next blog!

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