Matte Lipstick Ready Lips

Matte Lipstick Ready Lips

You might have an idea by now that I am a lipstick addict...LOL ;). One of my favorite kinds of lipsticks are matte lipsticks and I wanted to share with you dolls how do I prep my matte lipstick ready lips.

One concern we all share about matte lipsticks is that they will dry up your lips and make them look all wrinkly. A factor is also the formula of the lipstick and how it will react while settling on your lips. One of the things I absolutely LOVE about our Velvet Posh Liquid Lips is that they don't dry up your lips and are so comfy to wear! Nevertheless, is always good to prep your lips before applying matte lipstick to have that plumpy and smooth look. So let's start!

1. Clean those lips!

I always start by lightly cleaning my lips with a makeup remover wipe. There can be any food residue on your lips or something else and you don't want that when you continue to step 2. 

 Neutrogena makeup remover wipe singles bag

I use Neutrogena Makeup Remover


2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

This is a very important step since exfoliating helps remove dead skin and make your lips smoother and plumpier. You can use a gentle exfoliator such as a DIY sugar scrub to not be harsh on your lips. 

Tarte lip scrub

I use Tarte's Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant


3. Moisturize them lips!

The final step before applying your matte lipstick is conditioning your beautiful lips with a moisturizer or a lip balm to help fill in your lip lines and smooth our lips. I usually wait around a couple of minutes before applying the matte lipstick so that my lips absorb the moisturizer.

First aid lip balm  

I use First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Lip Therapy


After completing those 3 easy little steps, your lips should feel amazing and matte lipstick ready!

Finish up by applying your favorite matte liquid lipstick. If you like rosy matte lips, try out my favorite shade of our matte collection 'Aurora'.

AURORA - Velvet Posh Liquid Lips

This is my all time favorite shade since it was named after my grandma from my dad's side and my youngest niece. Plus I'm in LOVE with this rosy shade! Perfect for an everyday color ;)


Until next time beauties!!

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